Warehouse Connector
Use Warehouse Connector to create a central portal for your orders and products while applying useful workflow rules for your warehouse. Integrated barcode scanning helps locate products quickly while improving inventory control. Warehouse Connector also automatically updates stock levels and track raw materials. Once your products are organized you can import data back into your e-commerce or 3PL services. Say goodbye to time-consuming order creations and tracking processes.
  • Central portal for orders, products and raw materials
  • Use UPC values to easily track, update, and create orders and products
  • Get details in seconds by quickly scanning data
  • Automatic updates
  • Powerful workflow rules help organize your warehouse
  • Raw material tracking and ordering right from the manufacturer
  • Manage your team and invite members
  • Upload and manage related files and images
Centralized Warehouse Workflow Service and Platform
View screenshots of the application in action below:
View all orders
View individual order details
Create/Import/Export Products
Create Raw Materials
Create powerful workflow rules
Edit workflow rules
Invite team members
Upload files/images

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