Pitney Bowes Integration

Sunrise Integration solves your business problems with enterprise-class commerce technology and API solutions from Pitney Bowes. Our development team is experts with the full suite of Pitney Bowes API services including shipping rates, geolocation API and address validation location.

Pitney Bowes OMS integration

Sunrise Integration can enhance your existing applications, business processes or workflows with Shipping, Location, and Identity APIs from Pitney Bowes.

Our talented team of developers can make the connections that you need to keep your shipping on track with enterprise-class commerce technology. Leverage the power of Pitney Bowes within your own site, app or web-service. Just tell us what you need.

We're your Pitney Bowes integration partner

Pitney Bowes - more than just shipping

Our Los Angeles based team has the experience implementing robust Pitney Bowes solutions and customizations. Using the Pitney Bowes API's we can synchronize your data with almost any service.

  • Easily integrate USPS services into your platform
  • Incorporate our extensive geodata
  • Confirm that your customer’s mailing address exists
  • Examine local crime, earthquake, flood and fire risks for planning, claims and mitigation
  • Integrate United States Postal Service routing information
  • Enrich audience profiles with local lifestyle and demographic insights

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