Impress ERP Sync App for Shopify
The Impress App and Service for Shopify lets you synchronize your Impress ERP with Shopify. Quickly send orders, products and tracking information between your systems. Sunrise Integration provides the complete managed service including setup, support and SaaS hosting for the application. Impress is one of the leading ERPs for the fashion industry and now there is a powerful solution to extend that data directly into your e-commerce site. Custom integration and services are also available directly from Sunrise Integration.
  • Grab all orders, inventory and fulfillment data
  • Status updates and logs for orders, inventory and fulfillment
  • Set up a recurring schedule for inventory or fulfillment processing
  • Send orders to your Impress ERP
  • Manually resend problem-orders
  • View order history for up to 60 days
  • Manually push orders into the Impress queue
  • Receive email Alerts
  • Additional custom features available
Seamlessly synchronize with Shopify and leverage the data from your Impress.
View screenshots of the application in action below:
Configure the app for your Impress
Configure the app for your Impress
Synchronize orders with Shopify
View details for synchronized orders
Send orders to Impress from Shopify
Processing log summary overview for all orders

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