Cross-Border Retail Integration and Global OMS
Cross-Border Retail is Pitney Bowes' industry-leading International ecommerce platform. Sunrise Integration provides integration services including the Global OMS (Order Managaement System) apps for Shopify, Magento and more. (Cross-Border Retail was formerly know as Borderfree.) Let Sunrise Integration extend your existing ecommerce site to international shoppers in more than 200 countries and more than 70 currencies. We're experts with the Pitney Bowes API and custom integration.
  • Direct integration with Cross-Border Retail
  • 200+ countries and 70 currencies
  • Order Management app for Shopify
  • Order Management app for Magento
  • Pitney Bowes API development services
  • International shipping
  • Order tracking services
  • Processing logs and views
  • Custom development available
  • Design and localization services
Custom development and installation of Cross-Border Retail on your e-commerce service

Integrate Borderfree with your e-commerce site

The Pitney Bowes Complete Cross-Borderâ„¢ solution is a scalable, end-to-end global ecommerce system that handles international enterprise retail. The Sunrise Integration team has the real world experience you need with implementing the full solution allowing retailers to localize their domestic web site for international consumers, integrate cross border logistics, automatic synchronization and global customer service.

  • Integration with Borderfree
  • Automatically synchronize orders
  • Update Borderfree with tracking details
  • Provide real-time order tracking
  • Global OMS app for ease of use
  • Makes international shipping easy
Market to more customers in more countries

The Global OMS software developed by Sunrise Integration brings the Pitney Bowes Complete Cross-Borderâ„¢ solution right to your store. Contact Sunrise Integration now and ask how your store can tap into international shipping:

  • Website Localization
  • Translation, currency and promotions
  • Landed Costs & Compliance
  • Global and in-market payment options
  • Logistics Management
  • 70+ Currencies
  • 15 Payment Methods

Integrate Borderfree with your e-commerce site

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